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Long gone are the days when, before the journey, we stocked up on maps and road atlases, but being in an unfamiliar area of the city, asking passers-by how to find the right address. Now to get to a certain place by car is not difficult, because almost everyone has a tablet or smartphone supporting GLONASS and GPS. Just install the application Navigator, and you can go without fear of getting lost.

Картинки по запросу Waze обзор приложения

Waze has undeniable advantages, which will certainly help him to take his place among the most popular programs.

First, the application is simple, intuitive. Design concise, without unnecessary elements. The driver can easily understand that he needs at the moment. Menus are located at the bottom of the screen. It can be used to choose a route to leave comments, to report its location to friends. Like other navigators, it is easy to undo and rebuild the routes during their journey to the end point.

Secondly, in this program everyone has the opportunity to add information. In Waze you can learn about traffic jams, accidents, prices at the pump or road work from the drivers themselves or to share important information with other members of the movement. Smart Navigator is even able to ask the owner if he got in the unknown tube, if the speed of movement is greatly reduced where there is no reason. Besides, thanks to the map editor, you can create the routes which did not exist previously.

Thirdly, the Navigator allows you to chat with friends, to inform them about where you are and when you reach your destination, establish joint routes and rebuild them in real-time. You can add friends from social networks. However, now it is only Facebook.

The app also saves space, which the owner visits most often, and automatically routes to them. It will guide you to your destination even with the unstable Internet signal. And, due to the fact that users are constantly adding and updating information, it can be assumed that Waze will soon “know” the actual more popular routes than any other program.

The most interesting thing in Waze is a point in the game. Each user is assigned a rating, which increases depending on how actively you participate in community life. Participants receive from the system comic different “titles” and pleasing to the eye pictures. Maybe this way the developers want to inspire drivers to add more relevant information about the routes and situations on the road? In any case, thanks to this and a long way, and in traffic jams are more fun.

Another entertainment point is the ability to record voiceovers. For example, you can ask your loved ones to dictate commands or come up with something funny.

The disadvantages of this device, you include the lack of a 3D mode and sloppy, with ugly chopped edges, maps. And voice search doesn’t always work correctly. For example, unlike Yandex, command, spoken in a free form, it can “not understand” and to offer something that the owner did not order.

But in General, the Waze app can be a decent alternative to another popular browser.

Waze download – iOS / Android

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