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TracFone is another MVNO América Móvil (see above) in Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile networks. But you will have to choose one network and it is impossible to switch or use roaming. Since 2015, TracFone has allowed “BYOP” (bring your own device) GSM devices for their at&T based SIM cards, but not for other networks. AT&T 4G/LTE is also supported.

You can purchase a SIM card from stores or an online activation kit for $ 6.99. Stores include major retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Costco. GSM phones should be activated automatically when the phone is switched on with a Tracfone SIM card. Tracfone requires you to purchase an airtime card for at least $ 19.99 as a master plan, which has a validity period of 90 days and contains 60 internal minutes.

Recharge cards or codes are available at stores, supermarkets, chain pharmacies and major retail stores such as Target Or online via credit card.

Data packet
You can add the following data plans to your airtime card for at least $ 19.99 (for 3 months) :

10 USD: 1 GB for the duration of the basic plan
15 USD: 200 MB, 200 minutes, 200 SMS for 30 days
25 USD: 500 MB, 500 minutes, 1000 SMS for 60 days
35 USD: 1 GB, 750 min, 1000 SMS for 60 days
Us $ 125: 1.5 GB, 1500 min, 1500 SMS for 365 days
All these packages must be purchased online at

Settings and information
Tracfone users can make calls to 60 countries including Canada, Mexico, China and most Western European countries (the list) at the same price as domestic calls. To make an international call, you first need to dial 1-800-706-3839, then you will be offered a choice of language (1 for English), and then you need to dial 011 plus the country code and phone number. it is not possible to call other countries except 60 supported, and Tracfone does not support sending international text messages.

APN: att.mnvo.
Customer support: 800-867-7183
Web site:

You always can check your balance in the free tracfone my account app

Картинки по запросу TracFone My Account

With My Account App you can manage your TracFone Account anywhere at any time.


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