Cheap eats in Brisbane

Are you looking for some cheap eats in Brisbane? There are plenty to choose from as there are a myriad of influences in this fine Australian city. and here’s our guide to finding the best cheap eats in Brisbane.

Looking for some Indian food? A great choice would be the Indian Dinner on the Vulture & Boundary St intersection. Visitors will have great meals, most of them under 10$. The place is not very impressive when it comes to decorations, but the food is good and cheap. Also the Market Square at Sunnybank is filled with restaurants and most of them offer meals in 10$ range.

The Bun Mobile Food Truck offers great meals for only 8$. The only problem is that tourists must find the truck first because it’s always moving.

If you get to 2/59 Hardgrave Road, do not hesitate to try Trang restaurant, a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant where customers can have a chicken noodle soup with only 10$.

Another place for cheap eats in Brisbane is The Royal George Hotel that offers great food at fairly low prices. Eating options change every night, which makes this restaurant extremely exciting. For example, visitors can have tacos for only 2$ and burritos for only 3$. A steak is somewhere around 6.50$.

A very consistent meal for only 12.90$ can be found at Sing’s Asian Kitchen. Customers get a Laksa soup with chicken or beef with plenty of noodles and fresh vegetables. It’s so consistent that people will have the feeling they’ve eaten two meals instead of one.

During weekdays, visitors looking for cheap eats in Brisbane can try The Fox, which offers customers for only 12$ a meal a very impressive range of food. And trust me, the dishes are huge and you will not feel the need to eat again anytime soon.

There is also a 12.90$ meal for vegetarians. For this price, you can eat as much as they can. The name of the restaurant is Giovinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant, and the meals also include curries, soups, and vegetables.

AJ’s Vietnamese is a well know restaurant that always provides customers with the most incredible Vietnamese dishes. For only 9.95$, customers can try the rice vermicelli lemongrass beef salad.

There are plenty of cheap eats in Brisbane and you can be sure that most of the restaurants provide great quality food with unbelievable flavors for only 10-12$.

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