Athens on a Shoestring

It is becoming increasingly harder to find great budget destinations in Europe however, Greece, specifically Athens still stays true to the notion of ‘shoestring travel’. The Greek capital, home to the Olympic games, philosophy and democracy offers backpackers’ affordable hostels, delectable local cuisine and fascinating attractions of the ancient Greeks. Below is a guide on where to go and what to see what experiencing Athens on a budget.

Zorbas Hotel

Zorbas Hotel is conveniently located in the city’s museum area, minutes from some of Athens’ best, museums, café’s, bars and restaurants. Zorbas’ residents can take advantage of the local tourist information available including maps, free wifi, and even a daily walking tour of Athens.

Pagration Youth Hostel

One of the cheapest hostels in Athens, Pagration Youth Hostel is a family run hostel that offers family comforts away from home. Pagration take pride in being able to offer a safe and secure hostel only 15 minutes from Syntagma Square and the centre of Athens.

Street Food

Typically Greek, Athens’ street food is healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Regularly including fish and vegetables, backpackers in Athens are able to eat cheaply whilst also staying healthy. Local treats include pastries glazed with sugar and orchid tea, which is particularly popular with Athenian locals. Eating street food and dining in the local tavernas is the best way to experience Athens on a budget.


Athens’ most popular attraction, the Acropolis was the pinnacle of Greek power for a whole civilisation. Offering spectacular views over the ancient city, backpackers doing Athens on a budget should aim to visit the Acropolis on Sundays when admission is free. An early start is recommended to beat the crowds.

Ancient Agora

Once the sight of Athens’ bustling marketplace, Agora was once the seat of justice and administrative, commercial and social centre of Athens. It’s markets were the economical centre of an empire trading spices and materials between nations. The sites extensive excavations include temples and concert halls. A must see for anyone backpacking Athens, the entry fee includes visits to the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum.

Syntagma Square (Constitution Square)

The equivalent of London’s Trafalgar Square or Buckingham Palace, Syntagma Square attracts thousands of tourists every day. Situated in the centre of Athens, the square features both Greek Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. During the summer vendors sell ice creams and maps to eager tourists whilst the changing of the guard also happens every hour. A must see whilst visiting Athens on a budget.

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