5 apps for traveling in Europe

Summer is coming, and so long-awaited vacation is not far off. Plan we try to advance, especially if his program is not the holding on the beach, and frequent crossings, and difficult routes. The last few years I was able to devote a summer vacation traveling through Europe, and preparing for this trip, I was faced with an unpleasant fact.

Options of travel around Europe a lot, only one thing to see all these suggestions on the screen of the laptop, lay on dozens of bookmarks Safari timetables of trains and budget flights. Quite another to do the same on the modest iPhone display, where so much information gets bad. Let App Store and rich in all kinds of applications for tourism, to find a really suitable for such tasks proved to be difficult. The result of my searches and trips was today’s review, for which I have selected five apps that can help you to pave the route forward.

1. Train & Bus
A good service for searching bus and train routes in Europe offers app Train & Bus. Feature set here is limited to the selection of suitable areas at a convenient hour. Choose city, date and time of travel, and the service selects the desired bus routes, and train messages indicating the estimated travel time, mileage between cities, and most importantly – the number of trains or buses for each route.

Although tickets are purchased through the app will fail this information can be used to purchase travel at the ticket office or using any other services. Train & Bus picks up the railway line between the cities of 40 European countries, including Ukraine, but the search of bus routes available only for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2. Rail Planner
If you have to travel with a travel train ticket, InterRail/Eurail, great help will be app Rail Planner. It provides detailed timetables, a network of trails in the ticket. The main advantage of the program – work offline, allowing the search for the right trains, information about the European countries and other useful information available to you at any moment. Developers, of course, warn that the information about trains may not be the most relevant, because it must always check with the information Desk at the station.

For reference – travel InterRail give you the opportunity to travel to over 30 European countries by train. If the upcoming Euro tour involves a lot of crossings, the presence of ticket can save you a considerable amount. All the details – on the project website.As additional options I can recommend also apps from major European rail companies. Unlike the previous services, their proposals will be designed, of course, on a more narrow range of countries, but if you plan on traveling to a particular region of Europe, they can very even be useful. Here are a few good examples:

SNCF is the largest company that manages the Railways of France. The company definitely took care of the passengers, because on its website showed up with a dozen different applications for tourism for every taste. That’s just one thing – almost all of them are presented only in French. If you have no problem with that, then Bon voyage!

Eurostar is a company engaged in passenger transportation in Western Europe on high-speed trains. Her signature application will be useful to find and buy tickets for trains France, UK and Belgium.


SBB-CFF-FFS – Swiss Federal Railways; the company also ensures regular and comfortable passenger transport in the countries of Western Europe. The mobile app will allow you to quickly find a suitable route and purchase a train ticket.


3. SkyScanner
Quick and easy search of tickets will help to implement the app SkyScanner – service is looking for the most affordable options for the route specified by you, comparing offers thousands of world airlines (at least, so say in the company). Search engine for the app is really noble: the time in transit, the shipping company, the receiving airport each option has its place.

In addition, there is a large range of international currencies that display ticket prices (including UAH) and also available is a version of SkyScanner in the Ukrainian language. The application will help to implement and booking a ticket, it will redirect you to the website of the airline or tour operator where you will be able to buy it at their proposed price. That is, no additional fees for the service do not have to pay.

4. WhichAirline
Similar service offers and the search engine WhichAirline, but he primarily compares the offers of low-cost airlines. All flights evaluated them for cost and duration, and as a result, the most suitable options the app displays first in the list, indicating the time of flight, name of airlines need airports and ticket prices. Unfortunately, the cost is not displayed in USD, but you can select dollars, euros, rubles and so on. The app also gives the opportunity to buy a ticket, but this is done through the service ebookers on it the website.

5. Wizz Air
Budget airline Wizz Air has opened a representative office in Ukraine in 2008 and since then has lured a lot of passengers on Board its Airbus. At least from the Ukrainian cities takes place, and relatively few flights, the company offers decent routes in Central Europe for sane money and decent service.

App Wizz Air also corresponds to the grade – it is extremely simple, colourful design and the necessary set of services for searching and purchasing tickets. In addition, through the app you can follow the schedule and their current status, to check and keep a record of your orders.

As in the case of railway companies, many European airlines also got a brand application. To list them would take not one thousand marks, so I stopped at three apps from the popular budget airlines, is actively conquering the skies of Europe:

Ryanair is the largest budget airline in Europe come from Ireland. She can’t boast of any nice service or done on time flights, but the routes of its ships to cover a large number of countries, so to keep their directions are always handy. That will fit the Ryanair app, through which, besides, you can book tickets.

easyJet mobile

easyJet solid British budget airline, flying to more than 30 countries, also offers a branded app. Striking design combined with a set of all necessary services to search for and purchase tickets to the

Jet2 is a British low-cost airlines, which offers routes in England, and many major European countries. Mobile app gives you the ability to search for and buy tickets and also to follow the schedule and the current state of interest flights.

Certainly among our readers will also find a lot of travelers willing to share their variety of applications to organize a tour of Europe – I will wait for your advice and suggestions!

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