Wheelabrator Edit

filming street luge

Back to Wheelabrator. It’s close, it’s safe and it’s a great place to shake out the winter cobwebs. I just love the vibe of this place… Sharing tips, trying gear, talkin’ trash… this place brings out the best whether you’re a pro or a grom, Wheelabrator is a great place to get your urethane on the pavement.

Spring Wheelabrator from Tim Novak on Vimeo.

Look at the grin on this guy’s face…. ’nuff said.

happy Wheelabrator skater

Wheelabrator Once Again

wheelabrator skater

The clouds were looming and the wind was howling but that didn’t stop the fun. The skaters mobbed the hill and the party was on. The weather turned out to be pretty nice for at least 6 hours of solid hill time. The police did chase us off the road but the bike path was rockin. Wheelabrator’s bike path is the perfect hill for learning the basics for all gravity sports. I even had some Skateluges on the hill.

I passed the camera off to some skaters so I could run the hill on my Skateluge. Clearly I get better results when I let other people use my cameras. Just take a look at this little run made to look epic with the perfect camera angles…

All in all, another successful Wheelabrator event. This may be the last “event” of the season for GSU and could very well be the first “event” of 2015! It could be a long, sand and salt covered winter up here in the Northeast. *sigh* At least there’s SNOW!

Follow me downhill…



Wheelabrator could be the most significant downhill events of the season. There’s no registration, no racing, no hay bales or corner marshals… these events are all about getting on your urethane. You’ll not find a downhill event with more new riders and future downhill stars. Everyone was honing their skills and testing out gear. Some skaters even took an opportunity to try some Skateluge gear.

Hats (helmets?) off to the crew that brought the food and drinks. The summer-like heat was dangerously dehydrating but the Weenie-brators kept everyone hydrated and fed.


I will come back to this cool little spot again. If fact, I think I’ll go on October 26th… the 2nd Fall running of Wheelabrator for 2014. Follow me downhill.