First Season Rewind

The original teaser from 2009

Gravity Sport University is how I got involved with Public Access Television in the first place. Back in 2009 I was laid off from my printing job I had for over 25 years. I decided to get involved with Westborough TV after reading an article about the station and the role of Public Access Television in the community. Instead of becoming intimate with the couch during my “unenjoyment”, I introduced myself to the friendly staff and pitched my idea for Gravity Sport University. The rest is history…

In this premier episode, I attempt to explain Gravity Sports to the uninitiated and get the first season started. I tried to stylize the production to the point of near obnoxiousness. This one is hard for me to watch.

The second GSU show is all about that very first Central Mass Longboard Festival in Harvard, Massachusetts that Mike Girard has developed into the Northeast’s most anticipated skateboard event. Now in its 6th running, this look back is really a piece of Downhill history.

“The Farm” event was the only slalom event I had ever been to. I was impressed with the skill and dedication of these athletes. Some of these riders had been skating since the 70s. This episode has a bonus “vintage” class segment that is pretty cool.

A “Road Trip” to Pennsylvania provided lots of great footage and some quality downhill fun. Follow a mass of gravity junkies at an “outlaw” downhill race.

I look back on these first four amateurish productions fondly yet with a bit of embarrassment. As I prepare for Season 2, I hope to step up the production and focus more on the people making Gravity Sports happen. Expect lots of interviews and rider profiles for this next season of Gravity Sport University from Westborough TV. Follow me downhill.