What is a Skateluge?

Skateluging Lizard

2001 Skateluge graphic

Living atop a hill with a long driveway was a fitting start to a lifetime of downhill adventure. I had an endless supply of Gravity to play with and the result was a childhood’s worth of research and development featuring ANYTHING I could send down the hill.

vintage skateluging

When I got my first skateboard from a garage sale, it had “stone” wheels and would shake the fillings right outa your head. Of course I tried riding it down the hill. That short “flight” may be the defining moment when my brain decided standing up and going fast may not be a skill I was going to master. So I sat down.


The first Skateluge was simply an old pool board (big, wide deck with a fliptail, Indys and Peralta Bones) with a hunk of foam wrapped around the tail. I rode that skateboard backwards with my ass centered between the wheels and my legs straight out. I found I was able to carve really well yet still go pretty fast. Before long I was designing all matter of craft to ride down the hill on my butt.


The first Skateluge designs were completely adjustable but I abandoned that feature in favor of a “one size fits all” deck. I had a vision of a family recreation where parents and children would ride together. The relatively short learning curve and exhilaration of “flying downhill” is very much like snow sledding. With the Skateluge, riders of all abilities are able to share in the downhill fun. Check out this “vintage” video I made with a couple of toy cameras:

Awesome Skateluge from Tim Novak on Vimeo.