The Ultimate Street Luge

Kickstarter Kickstarter Update # 1

One of the objectives for the Gravity Sport University Street Luge Class is to build up the ultimate competition street luge for our new luge pilot. I want our racer to have a chance at the podium and I will spare no expense seeking out the best gear. This means our new gravity sport pilot will be riding a Rogers Bros Street Luge.

Rogers Bros Street Luge

The Rogers Bros Street Luge has won more events than any other street luge. Of course, this ‘luge has been around for quite awhile, the original footpeg version of the craft “killing it” at the X-Games in the 90s. The bombproof design and street hugging performance have made the Rogers Bros Street Luge the standard by which all other street luges are measured.

aero luge

GSU will order Rogers Bros’ full aero package for the Ultimate Street Luge as well. This upgrade effectively covers the wheels of the street luge, greatly improving the ‘luge’s ability to cut through the air and reduce drag. As I stated, Gravity Sport University wants our new Street Luge pilot to get on that podium!

a winning street luge

Gravity Sport University has chosen the Street Luge but that is just the beginning. We need to build up our new craft to be competitive. There is much to consider: wheels, trucks, bearings, bushings. Let’s just say we’ll be using the best USA made gear to create the Ultimate Street Luge. During the course of the show, GSU will explore some of the equipment options and hopefully make some sense of the choices. We will attend some gravity sport events, get some advice from other competitors and maybe even talk to some of the equipment vendors.

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