2015 Event Posters In Bloom

Spring has sprung… the posters are coming.


Its that time of year again. The colors start popping on Facebook, skate forums and downhill blogs in the form of Gravity Sport event posters. The poster artwork seems to be getting better with each new event. I really love the 2015 Gravity Fest poster as it effectively captures the essence of a gravity sport competition (and because it features street luge). It seems the artists are on their way to creating a whole new genre of “street art”. There’s quite a collection growing from artist Stefan Kaiter-Snyder grinds out the good stuff for Mike Girard’s Central Mass events.


The 2015 Gravity Sport season is stacking up events making for a very busy season for all those downhill artists out there. Of course, then there’s the event tee shirt to be designed, a swag staple of any downhill event.



The Gravity Sport Posters are a global phenomenon. Gravity works just as well all over the world and downhill events are popping up all over…

10410421_859914747384975_1026893728632267968_nBeat The Bastard

Kozakov event posterIn 2013, I even got an opportunity to craft my own poster design for Tom Barnhart’s first Acme Downhill race in Port Jervis. Collecting the logos of the sponsors was the hard part.


20 or 30 years from now, I can see a new and profitable collector’s market for these gravity powered posters.  Hoard on, downhill fans…