Tenth Time In Munnsville


This is Munnsville – Home of Gravity Fest

2015 marks the 10th running of the Munnsville Gravity Fest. This year promises to be a star studded, gravity powered free-for-all featuring gravity sport’s most famous “village”. Once again, Dr No Racing will be coordinating the competition and wrangling the racers down East Hill Road.


Throughout the years Gravity Fest’s focal point has always been Crash Corner. And for good reason… After hurtling down a breath taking straight at top speed, riders must put on the brakes and negotiate a wild hairpin in front of a screaming crowd. In the past there have been bands, booze, Beagle and a big bucket at that corner, all behind the hay bales on Fred’s front lawn.

Yellow Flag from Tim Novak on Vimeo.

During the early years at Gravity Fest, it was all about street luge. The number of street luge riders back then was greater than the field of skaters. In fact, there were all manner of craft going down that hill in the early years. Check out the parade run during the 2005 Gravity Fest:

This will be the year to check out the Munnsville Gravity Fest. Gravity Fest 10 will draw gravity sport legends from when the X Games were awesome as well the current champions of the downhill scene. It will be a jammed packed celebration of all things GRAVITY.

munnsville 2014

The Munnsville Gravity Fest will be held on July 31 to August 2, 2015 in Munnsville, New York. For more info on this year’s race go to Official Gravity Fest X Facebook page.

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Gravity Fest 9

street lugers on East Hill Road

If you’ve been to Munnsville, New York specifically to ride a hill on your urethane, you probably have a special place in your heart for this little village. There is no other place I know of where the entire town is turned over to the gravity powered. For three days the near religious roll down East Hill Road is the main event but the celebration lasts well into the night. Munnsville is truly a place you must ride during Gravity Fest. And if you visit, you just might be painfully intimate with Crash Corner

The new pavement coupled with perfect weather meant racing was fast and hot. Still reeling from my bruised butt from Burke, I was very cautious and put my feet down at every turn. That didn’t mean there wasn’t any good racing action, however…

With the ninth running of Munnsville’s Gravity Fest in the books, its time to start planning for the 10th edition. It will be the ultimate Gravity Fest. Follow me downhill.