How I Get GPS Data In My Gravity Sport Videos

Ever since I started making videos of Street Luging, I’ve wanted to put a speedometer of some sort in the clip. Either the hardware was crazy expensive or you had to jump through hoops to get even the lousiest of graphics embedded into the screen. I am happy to report I found a fairly easy and inexpensive way to do it. Here, lemme show you…


First, you’re going to need the hardware. I am using the Contour +2 system which features GPS data gathering capability and Blue Tooth connectivity to a smart phone. Yeah, I know Contour is out of the game but I hear they’re coming back. Sony also has a model with GPS data gathering capabilities. Garmin is another company dipping into the POV market you’ll wanna watch. Before long I expect there will be many devices out there with GPS data gathering features to choose from.

Next, there’s the matter of software. You’ll need to pick up a piece of software called “Dashware” as well. As of writing this, it is only available for the PC. Of course, you’ll need video editing software as well. I’m a Premiere Pro user. I don’t think it matters too much what edit software you use. There is a clipping function in Dashware that will allow you to skip the editing process if all you want is the data embed with the video.


The cool thing about Dashware is its uncanny ability to strip out the data as you import the video from the camera (or directly from the SD card). You can choose from a plethora of display types that come with the program and you’ll need to remove some stuff Dashware drops on the screen like their logo. You can resize whatever display you choose as well.

For $50, I think its a worthwhile piece of software to add to your video toolkit. Here is the link to the Dashware website.