Contour Cameras and GSU


If you know me, you know I use Contour POV cameras. Having tried a few early action cameras just as that market was opening up, I settled on the Contour HD and I’ve never looked back. I have remained loyal to the brand and use their cameras today. And I make a LOT of videos…

going downhill from Tim Novak on Vimeo.

Imagine my disappointment when the news of Contour’s demise appeared on my computer screen. Not only was I packing 3 cameras, I invested heavily in mounts and had the Contour logo emblazoned on my street luge. I was devastated. But only for a little while.


Contour is back. The newly organized company has even released a new camera: the Roam 3. This makes me very happy yet I still am puzzled by the dominance of that other company, GoPro. I’ve used them and the quality is good but I just can’t get by the boxy design and the outer enclosure required to mount it properly. Let’s face it, those cameras DO look silly on your head.


If you’re in the market for a new camera to capture that gnarly run, check Contour instead of those other guys. Right now the prices on ALL their cameras are low. Search them at B&H Photo for the best deal. Follow me downhill.