Essential Gear for Gravity Sport Events

A list of stuff you’ll wish you brought

packed car
When racing at Downhill Competitions, there is a huge pile of gear that needs to come with you. If you are camping at your chosen venue, double the gear. There are certain pieces of “kit” that should ALWAYS be included whether you ride luge, skateboard or drift trike.

1. A Big Ass Car

Lets face it, the bigger the vehicle, the more stuff you can carry. At events, your car becomes your dressing room, work bay, napping center, phone booth, lunch room, first aid station, watering hole, pit area and overnight shelter. Needless to say, bigger is better here if you can afford the gas.

2. Towel

Where have I heard this before…? Bring one, two… four. As a competitor, you’ll be covered in sweaty grime and grimy sweat. Your eyes may sting and your helmet will become slimy. You best defense is a clean towel or ten rolls of paper towels (or both). Trust me on this one.

3. Water

Don’t ever trust an event to provide enough water to keep you hydrated, cook meals or even for personal hygiene. Combined with the towel (see above), you’ll appreciate how water can make you feel a whole lot better after you’ve washed the dirt and sweat from your face. Throw a few gallons of water in your big ass car, add a case of bottles for quick drinking and maybe toss an emergency gallon in the trunk.

4. A Comfy Chair

At Gravity Sport Events, you’ll need a place to sit. Yeah, you can hang in your big ass car, but you’ll want to get some air, maybe catch some racing. Grab your folding seat and plant yourself trackside. Yes… bring a chair.

5. Duct Tape and Zip Ties

Do I really need to explain this one…? Don’t ask for mine at the race, bring your own.

6. Sunscreen and a jacket

Chances are you’re riding down a big mountain. Big mountains have variable weather. Be prepared! I’ve seen snow but more often, I’ve seen sunburn. You might want to think about rain, as well. I’ve always felt that if you plan for the worst weather, you’ll get the best!

7. Fruit

Expect to eat lots of “track food”… hamburgers, hotdogs and maybe more hamburgers. Why is there never a salad truck or taco stand? Eat an orange or apple between burgers and you’ll probably feel a whole lot better.

8. Toilet Paper.

No shit. Bring a roll.

9. Cameras

You can never get enough footage at these Gravity Sport Races. In between race heats, catch some of the excitement on your GoPro or point and shoot camera. There’s always enough action at the races to capture. Who knows, you might get that cool shot everyone is gonna wanna share on Facebook.

10. Money

Someone will bring a piece of cool gear you’re gonna want, …that event Tee Shirt looks cool, …can I have a $4 water, please?… Believe me, you’ll be nickel-ed and dimed to death.

Its the little things when you’re away from home that can make a big difference. Here’s some other items I recommend: A good campstove and kitchen gear because nothing warms the heart and soul like a hot meal and a cuppa joe. A clothesline for hanging a damp sleeping bag, sweaty leathers and that wet towel. If you hate bugs you might want stuff for that. A shower bag (holds water that you can heat in the sun and have a “hot shower” anywhere). A “welcome mat” or yoga mat to stand on when changing is handy. (seriously, keep your socks clean) Of course, I always like to have good music and a beer or 2 stashed away for a relaxing evening after an adrenalin fueled day.

Follow me downhill…