Burke Street Luging

My last post from Burke… I promise.

tim street luging

I love street luge and classic luge. The tough part about this sport is finding a safe place to ride. The best roads either have traffic or require you walk up the hill carrying a ‘luge and wearing leathers. At 54 years, those options are just too much for an old man to justify. When an event is announced, I pounce on it. A hay bale lined course, no traffic, a ride back up and an ambulance on site… how can I say no. I’m not the fastest, I’ve lost my nerve in my old age and I just don’t “party” like I used to but you’ll still find me at any event I can afford. Add to that a chance to ride with the fastest in the world and I’m packing up the car and heading to the track.

Burke is a very technical course covered with frost heaves and crazy hairpins. Its challenging and somewhat dangerous. On a classic luge, it’s a whole new ball game. I grabbed my buttboard and went for a rip. I was a little disappointed no one wanted to join me. Oh well… It was a fun run none the less. Follow me downhill.

Downhill at Burke

downhill picnic
Marc Dean and Push Culture pull off another awesome downhill event. Last year brought snow, this year: rain. There was enough dry pavement over the three day downhill fest for everybody to get their speed up. The course was fast, exciting and somewhat dangerous… just the way we like them. Unfortunately for me, the track may have been a little TOO fun.

I couldn’t seem to get it together on this hill. After watching Kolby crash spectacularly right in front of me on the first day, I was already spooked into a “slower mode”. I was running buttboard on day 2 with new trucks and Chix Melons wheels. I was having trouble in the turns and should have changed out my wheels to the Chix Blues. Additionally, I was not in sync with the new trucks… maybe a bushing swap or a base plate angle change. Whatever I shoulda done could’ve saved me from THIS:
Clearly I wasn’t riding anymore at this year’s Push Culture Family Picnic… I hobbled to my car, broke camp and headed home. Yeah, I’m still sore as hell and its a bit hard to walk but I already feel the healing going on. I was lucky! Maybe I should get one of those spine protectors. Because this road is AWESOME and I’d love to run it again.