All Downhill at Acme


Back to Port Jervis, New York for the second year of downhill mayhem. So much riding, so much adrenalin, soooo much fun. Push Culture and Tom Barnhart have out done themselves with extra hours of riding, a cool new open back truck to keep the riders happy and local sponsors feeding the racers breakfast and lunch. Just check out all the action in my Acme Downhill montage video:

There was exciting downhill racing all weekend and street luge was no exception. I had a blast following Chris Hicks, the new Push Culture Street Luge Champion, as well as riding with new lugers. Kevin Kelly and Rainer Rodriguez. There was definitely some close racing and near misses.

Such a fun event and only 3 and a half hours away! Yeah buddy, the East Coast is winning! I can’t wait until next year. Follow me downhill.