Burke All Skate


The great thing about riding street luge at downhill events is there is usually ample time to watch the skaters. There’s nothing like watching the ballet-like moves of a skateboarder setting up for a turn and gracefully executing a flawless slide into the corner. Of course, it doesn’t always end well and spectators can expect a good slam into the hay now and then. Watch this video and try to tell me there’s no grace and beauty in the way they negotiate the chunderful corners of Burke Mountain. I wish I could skate but I’ll just have to settle for laying down on my wheels. Follow them downhill.

Did you miss your chance to charge the chunder at Burke? You can get your urethane on this awesome hill this August as Mike Girard has scheduled the Burke Mountain Freeride to satisfy the need for speed. Go.

Gravity Life at Burke

Going downhill with gravity is a lifestyle…

Much more than going downhill over and over, Gravity Sports bring friends together. I’ve known many of these gravity powered people for years. It is a bond unlike any other. Each event brings us closer and leaving gets harder with every gathering.


What amazes me most is the dedication these folks have to the sport. Marc Dean, Brian and Travis Davenport, Mike Girard, the course workers, the drivers, Colin the IDF official… they are all about the sport. They are AWESOME… I thank them for what they do and I appreciate their efforts to keep us going downhill safely and efficiently. Again THANK YOU!

Gravity never fails and neither does my love for the sport… Meet you at the bottom.

Downhill Skating on Burke

Burke downhill skateboard invasion. So… many… skaters.

skaters on the track

If only street luge had half as many lugers as skaters that showed up on Burke. Props to local boy Norm Plante for pulling off an impressive 4th place against some incredible racers. He made it look easy. If you were on the hill skating, you’re probably in this gallery. Thanks to Andrea, my photographer, pit crew and biggest fan for snapping most of these. She is awesome.

There is another downhill skating event at Burke Mountain coming this August from Mike Girard’s organization: Emgee Events‬. This time it’s a freeride without the pressure and missed runs because of actual racing. If any of you skaters missed the action, here’s your chance to mob the hill. You can learn more at: Burke Mountain Freeride.

Rider Down

Gravity Sporting is awesome, we all agree on that… What really sucks is when one of our own falls and sustains damage. One of the grim facts of life in America is health care is ridiculously expensive. When Ellis took a fall, the damage was measured in dollars. Help a fellow gravity worshiper out and send some (love) money his way and lets help him back on his wheels.
You KNOW this guy, you SKATE with this guy… he could be YOU! Karma is a funny thing and its never a bad idea to bank up. Gofundme.com is a grassroots approach to giving a friend some help. Go here to help Ellis: http://www.gofundme.com/vn52z4