A Kickstarter Campaign for Gravity Sport University


I am excited to announce the Gravity Sport University television show will be going downhill for 8 new episodes with a little push from YOU. Utilizing the power of Crowd Funding, Public Access Television and Gravity, GSU hopes to reintroduce the world to the exciting sport of Street Luge. Gravity Sport University presents our own Kickstarter campaign. Help Send Gravity Sport University Downhill

street luge class

Come join us as Gravity Sport University sends a brand new street luge pilot downhill. The show will follow along as we train a street luge racer from the uninitiated to gravity sport athlete. We’ll learn together about street luge equipment, safety gear, skills, events and even some of the other street luge competitors. In order to do this right… to train a pilot that has a chance at the podium, Gravity Sport University will need your help. Go visit our Kickstarter page to learn more. While you’re there, pledge a little something, get a little something and let’s get this thing going downhill. Go. Now. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skateluger/send-gravity-sport-university-downhill