More Killington

Street Luging at Killington

photo by David Davis

I got soooo much POV footage at Killington it gets a bit tedious to look through it all and I love POV footage! I can only imagine how boring it is for everyone else. I try to change things up when I can, like this cool vid from Rookies’ ankle:

Here’s yet another video from Killington featuring Classic Luge… what a surprise!

Killington is destined to become a world class gravity sport event. The track is fast and fun with a near perfect Vermont ski resort setting. After the show we gave them this year, I have no doubt they’ll be inviting us all back for another go. I can’t wait. Follow me downhill.

One thought on “More Killington

  1. Oh, my god, you guys got to run the hill that wrecked two of my earliest sleds (’79+’81). leaving one without footpegs, and the other so tweaked I had to scrap it (Birch plywood, so bangerred-up that we couldn’t even make a 25″ freestyle deck out of the remains). This hill I’ve run at an average of 40 mph, starting a bit above the bridge, but I’ve always worried about the HairPin turn, which, if you’ve not thought-it-through, will demand a minus-twenty-five-mph drop in your speed, and then the bottom will suck you up to over 50 mph without asking for your permission. This is not an intermediate-level hill. The upper, and lower, are not difficult, taken individually, but toss in that hairpin, and the grade coming in, plus the next downside, it’s a good run!! I’m glad it went well, and stoked it caused no major injuries! 30 years after I first ran it on a Luge, I’m glad to see it being run smooth! Hey, Mr. Dean, let me know if my years wandering these hills will help your cause. There’s certainly more good gravity flow left in these parts!! P.S.R.

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