Killin’ It At Killington Throwdown

The Throwdown Team

Gravity Sport athletes have a new place to play: Killington

Fast. Really fast. Marc Dean and Push Culture have found a gem at Killington. 2 miles of the fastest course east of the Mississippi painted on the side of a picturesque ski resort mountain in Vermont that is destined to become the must race destination for anyone on urethane. This was one helluva race…

Without a doubt the fastest I’ve gone in years, the Killington Throwdown was posting speeds from a radar gun in the 70s for the ‘lugers and 60s for the skaters. (…that’s miles per hour, eh…). The odd thing was despite anus clenching speed the course was manageable. There were far fewer injuries on the hill than all that high speed should have yielded. The track features just enough turns to check your speed and smoke your heels on every run. And the runs were exhilarating…

Thank You to Marc Dean and the Push Culture team for the fastest weekend of the summer. I can’t wait for next year’s Downhill Throwdown. Follow me downhill.

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