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I Love Downhill # 3

rider's meeting

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away and neither could my recently purpled ass. I was still feeling the damage from the last gravity sport event and was planning to skip riding however Marc Dean’s generous offer to add me to the brackets for street luge was too much to resist. Combined with an amazingly fun mass buttboard charge, there was a lot more riding than I had expected to do. I am not complaining…

No crashing this time. I figured out the problems I was having at Burke… clearly a setup issue. With a little help from Justin Crenshaw, I was able to dial in my Rey trucks and glide haylessly down the Windham track.

All in all, a great weekend with awesome weather and lots of downhill action. It felt great to hop back on the Buttboard after getting slammed so bad at Burke. I can’t wait for the next race. Follow me downhill…

luge pile

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