More Stokem

It may be a short course but Major Stokem is still a lot of fun. For spectators, all the action was at the bottom with a left hand elbow at the highest speed. Major Stokem is a great way to shake out the winter cobwebs and get back on the track.

I dunno whether it was my lack of training or the epic climb through “Mordor” to the start of the race, but I was feeling a cardiac event was imminent. Yepper, no chase truck at Major Stokem. The walk back up separated the men from the old men… wheeze..

The Classic Luge competitor list was as short as the track. It was good to see both Chris Hicks and Chris Hicks at the race even though I couldn’t seem to catch them on my buttboard. Maybe next race, guys… I gotta go do some situps…

Next race: Burke Mountain. Hopefully there will be no snow this year! Follow me downhill.

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