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If you don’t know who Mike Paproski is you haven’t been paying attention.


pap_lugeMike, or “Papdog” as he is affectionately known, has carved out a special place on the web with some eye popping action photography skills. With his GoPro on a stick, Mike seems comfortable on his back taking snapshots of other Gravity Sport athletes going downhill from his street luge. From that “low to the road” position, the Papdog is able to get some incredible shots of skaters and lugers going very fast.


You’ll recognize the papdog by the horns on his helmet. With his now famous “dawn patrol”, it seems Mike hits the mountain roads of Colorado daily and delivers a pile of photos from each session.

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Going Downhill at Gravity Fest 10

Gravity Powered Fun on Munnsville’s East Hill Road


I might not be anywhere near the podium these days but that doesn’t make street luging down East Hill Road in Munnsville any less fun. I enjoyed plenty of gravity powered speed and a healthy dose of adrenalin. Here’s an edit of me following Chris Hicks to the bottom of the track with my Contour helmet camera. Gravity never fails… at any skill level!

The racing can still be close and exciting even when one’s skills appear to be declining! Classic Luge is still my favorite and I always find a good race at Gravity Fest.

Gravity Fest Skater Gallery


This gallery contains 45 photos.

Skateboarders Going Downhill on Munnsville’s East Hill Road So. Many. Skaters. The early days of Gravity Fest featured more ‘lugers than skaters. How things have changed… The explosive growth of downhill skateboarding has clearly eclipsed the street luge field leaving … Continue reading

Crash Corner Archived


“Crash Corner is a brand.” Fred Kiehn stated as he was starting the long process of dismantling the celebrated hairpin turn. It took a minute to sink in. Crash Corner is known worldwide to those who ride with gravity. It is the preferred gathering place for spectators to watch all the carnage. Crash Corner has a website, logo, stickers, tee shirts… What is next for this unique brand?


How about more than 20 hours of archived LIVE footage?

Yup, all the unedited awesomeness that is CRASH CORNER. Here is the archived Live Stream of the 10th running of Munnsville, New York’s Gravity Fest. Three days of hay bale busting, high speed gravity sport competition all set up on the Gravity Sport University YouTube Channel for your viewing pleasure. Warning: Contains strong language and adult situations.